I had heard of essential oils from some of my peers in my Bible study (see my previous entry). Most of them were mothers of young children and would often swap remedies and stories of how their families benefit from using oils. I guess one doesn’t need to be a witch to practice natural healing remedies, but to me, the distance between using these methods and combining them with spells seems incredibly logical. I find it a little ironic that the most recent point in my path toward witchcraft was due entirely to word of mouth through devoutly Christian women.

Several months ago I was recovering from surgery. Having part of my bone sawed off and re-pinned with screws meant I was in a lot of pain. My physical therapist suggested I used essential oil blends to help heal my scar, renew the elasticity of my skin, and help massage the underlying scar tissue. I really needed no more encouragement. I made a scar tissue blend from Essential Oil Sanctuary that I still massage into my incision site every night. From there I signed up under a friend for a wholesale account and slowly began learning about the different oils and their uses. I started to make blends for my face, my hair. I learned what smells my husband enjoyed and used them when he asked me to rub out knots in his back and the like. I also tapped into their aromatic uses and began using a diffuser to purify the air in my home and invoke whatever sort of energy was needed in a given day.

Now that I am almost entirely recovered, I’m hoping to use essential oils in more applications, such as lotions and soaps. My next project is to make a whipped body butter (using the recipe from The Prairie Homestead) but to use oils that are helpful for psoriasis. I recently got in touch with a cousin who said she spends thousands of dollars a year for injections to manage her condition. I offered to send a sample when it’s completed and she said that was fine. I guess she doesn’t have much to lose! I’d love to infuse the lotion with healing and calming spells (since I know psoriasis is connected to stress), but gosh, I don’t know where to begin. Please, Universe, lead me to someone who can show me what to do!

Other (mis)adventures with oils include collecting and drying rose petals. I’ve used a mortar and pestle to bruise and crush 1 cup of the rose petals before dropping them into 150 ounces of jojoba oil. I left the jar in the sun for a week and today was the first day I swapped out the petals for new ones. I tried to use a strainer, but eventually fell back on using my hands to squeeze the oil out of the petals. For future reference, cheesecloth would most likely have worked better! As I’ve been clearing out some of my flower beds, I’ve been snipping off blackberry leaves and drying them too. I brewed a tea out of them and I really enjoyed the taste. I added half a teaspoon of blackberry jam infused with Wild Orange oil. I made the jam a few weeks ago from berries that I had collected from bushes dispersed through my yard. The vines are very young though and it seems like they produced lots of tiny berries quickly, then stopped. Maybe they will produce berries again later in the summer? I don’t know. But I’m pleased to be learning, little by little.

While the blackberries were producing and I was on a berry-picking high, I found a plant that I thought was producing muscadine grapes. I tried one of the spherical, dark berries and found it to taste mildly sour and sweet. Of course, come to find out, what I had eaten was a Black Nightshade berry. Um, woops… This is where I smack my forehead! I tried crushing them up to make a sort of ink, but I was not able to strain out the tiny seeds. More research is necessary. But I take comfort in the wives’ tale that where nightshade grows a witch lives.

I thrive on learning about oils and plants. Although I have no body of knowledge passed down from my family, I feel like by educating myself helps me regain something that was lost. Each oil and plant seems to have a personality that correlates with its uses and benefits. I have no idea how I fit into a particular type of witch, but for now, I can only learn as much as possible and see where it takes me.


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