In The Path of a Christian Witch, Adelina St. Clair includes a simple ritual of creating an astral temple. Inspired by her uncomplicated instructions, I mentioned in a previous post how I intentionally sought my own space in the spirit world. I initiated this search by taking a ritual bath, although I could not tell you what exactly I said or did to complete this ritual. I did use some of my essential oils and anointed parts of my body, like my feet, hips, hands and head. I prayed to the Mother and Father to wash away my negativity, worry, fear, and pride. I asked for their help in finding my way and in being brave to show compassion to others.

St. Clair said to imagine a doorway and to pay attention to the form it took. I found myself in my old room in the house where I grew up. It was nighttime. I saw myself as a little girl sleeping in her bed. I saw every detail — the radiator under the window, the bookshelf I made with my grandfather and my dad, my old wooden trunk, the inset shelf where I kept my old books from my toddler days, the heavy drawers build into the wall. The last thing I noticed was the door to my closet. I got trapped in there at one point when the knob jammed, and my grandfather tore it down to get me out. My parents never replaced it.

But the door was there; I walked toward it and opened it. I emerged into a green field at the edge of a forest. It was a deep green. White light filtered through the tree branches. There was no path, but I passed by a small, cheerful brook. I came suddenly to an arch of branches. Beyond it was a fountain or pedestal full of water. A squirrel was following me, and a purple bird, a small one, flew past me and landed on the edge of the fountain. A fox came to the fountain and sat down. I was hesitant to speak, or rather, to ask him to speak. I did so tentatively. He said:

“You are your heart, and your heart is all. Be brave, strong and wise, and do not fear, for we are always with you.”

The purple bird flew to my shoulder and the squirrel looked up at me by my feet. The fox, who was gray, not orange, looked on from the fountain. I thanked them and told them I needed to go. The purple bird flew back to the fountain and they all watched me pass through the arch. I returned through my closet door into my bedroom where the young me was still sleeping. I went up to her bed and kissed her cheek. From there I returned to my self. I felt very emotional and I was crying. I drained the bath water and let the excess energy drain back to the earth.

I repeated the ritual bath about a week later, since I couldn’t really stop thinking about my spirit place. I went to my old room and opened my closet door, but the forest was very quiet. Only the fox was there with me in the forest and he did not approach me. He simply walked near me, as I walked under the arch. I looked up and I saw spiral staircases wrapped around tall trees. Formless, faceless beings watched me. I didn’t think they were malevolent. They just seemed mildly curious, observant. I left my space soon after.

More recently, I simply sought my spirit place while I was preparing to sleep. I walked through the forest and eventually came to fork in a path. There were three options, each lined with tall, rustling grass. The leftmost path had small white flowers growing and weaving among the grass. I think they were jasmine. The middle path was lined by small purple flowers; the third had yellow ones, although I couldn’t tell you what types of flowers they were. A streak of gray on the rightmost path caught my attention and drew me toward the yellow flowers. The fox again was walking with me, parallel to my path, but not on it. The gray streak wasn’t the fox, but my beloved cat who passed away several years ago. She popped out of the tall grasses and yellow flowers and wrapped around my ankles. I was thrilled to see her, since I had not dreamed of her since she had died. She purred loudly and rubbed her face against my legs, then she was gone; disappeared into the grass. I kept walking on the path and came upon a bare tree. It’s branches were empty of leaves, but it was not dead. It seemed like it was waiting for something, someone to give it the energy to grow and blossom.

I can’t really begin to understand the meaning behind these symbols. I guess I’m just recording them here so that I can go back and remember them once I know more. I have a few images that I’d like to try to paint. I guess I’ll upload them as I complete them. Meanwhile, I’ll keep searching and learning.


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